External dimensions:

12 x 15.5 ft

Ground Area:

220 Sq. Ft

*All dimensions are approximate


Unit Price:
$22,000 (with wall partition for bathroom)

$18,000 (without partition)

** Includes assembly and delivery within 75 miles or Portland, Maine. Inquire for delivery and assembly outside of 75 miles.

*current US estimate (FOB Portland, Maine in the US), subject to change based on customer requirements and material costs

The SCANDI-HOUSE 21 is an accessory space that can do it all. Create your perfect office space, yoga retreat, kids play area, or tiny home or ADU. The Scandi-house can be customized to give you the flexibility you need in additional living space.

The SCANDI-HOUSE 21 includes:

  • Interior wall cladding and wooden flooring.
  • A complete drawing and installation package.
  • Full guidelines and advisement for the site prep and installation


  • Insulation
  • Finished roofing material
  • Heat source
  • Bathroom or lighting fixtures

External finish

Siding: Nordic spruce, unfinished. (staining or painting necessary).

Roofing: Finished material not included.

Interior fittings

Interior wall depth 3″ with open studs.

Interior wall cladding (nordic spruce clapboards) can be added for $2,000. Shipped separately. 



Wooden floor ready for finish material.


Purchase procedure

Signing of the purchase agreement and conditions for purchase 

​If you find this to be your ideal tiny house, ADU, studio, or office, the first step is to agree on all specifications and sign a purchase agreement. After signing the contract, a 50%  deposit is required. We then proceed with building your order. 


Production usually takes between 8-16 weeks. Depending on time of season orders can be faster or slower. Once the unit is due to ship from manufacturer to Portland, Maine, 50% of the balance is due.


Upon arrival to Portland, Maine harbor, an appointment will be made for delivery to your specific location or pickup is possible if local. Shipping charges will apply and will be added to the remaining balance. Free delivery and assembly within 75 miles of Portland, Maine. Once the balance is paid, the product (Scandi-House) can be shipped.