External dimensions:

12.33 x 10.69 Ft.

External Ground Area:

99 SF

Internal dimensions:

12 x 10.4 Ft.

Floor Area:

90.4 Sq. Ft 

*All dimensions are approximate


Unit Price:

 * Installation and delivery included within 75 miles of Portland, Maine.

*Inquire for delivery and installation outside of 75 mile radius from Portland. 



Is an entertainment space, winter ski retreat or tiny cabin in the woods.

 The Scandi-Hut 99 can be customized with an extension to provide for a bedroom, office, lounge, or bar. +$3,000.

External finish

Nordic spruce. 

Unfinished. (staining or painting necessary).

Asphalt shingles preinstalled. 

Interior fittings

Interior wall depth 3″ with open studs. Ships with interior wall cladding (spruce). Insulation, electrical and plumbing not included.



Prefinished nordic spruce panels. 


Purchase procedure

Signing of the purchase agreement and conditions for purchase 

The first step is to agree on all specifications and sign a purchase agreement. After signing the contract, a 50%  deposit is required. We then proceed with building your order.


Production usually takes between 8-16 weeks. Depending on time of season orders can be faster or slower. Once the unit is due to ship from manufacturer to Portland, Maine, 50% of the balance is due.


Upon arrival to Portland, Maine harbor, an appointment will be made for delivery and installation within 75 miles of Portland, Maine. Inquire for delivery and installation outside of 75 mile radius from Portland.

Once the balance is paid, the product (Scandi-Hut 99) can be shipped.